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Creative garden designs for slopes and levels

Challenging Gardens: Setting the scene for a sloping garden

A good garden designer will not be put off by the complications of multi-level, sloping gardens. Andy and the Haywood Landscapes team regularly roll up their sleeves and rise to the challenges o...
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Wildlife garden design and build

Wildlife gardens: Blending nature with structure in garden design

A wildlife garden need not be a “wild garden”, one that is let loose without control or boundary. Blending nature with a formal
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Festoon garden lighting

Lighting Your Landscapes: A Warm Glow As The Nights Draw In

Making the most of your garden means extending the joy it brings you well into the evening as natural light fades. One of the elements your professional garden designer and landscaper will ask y...
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Perfect garden for entertaining

Outdoor Living: Making Your Garden Work For You

Home. Not only is it where the heart is, it’s where we’ve all been languishing more than we had possibly expected for the last 18 months! Even prior to the pandemic, the value of our outdoor l...
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Haywood Landscapes talking to the homeowner

Creating the perfect garden: Your 6-point Design and Build Journey

Creating the perfect garden: Your 6-point Design and Build Journey Creating the perfect garden is a really exciting prospect, extending and maximising the potential of your ...
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contemporary courtyard

What Will Be The Top 5 Garden Trends For 2021?

Our home and garden is our world now More than ever our gardens have become a vital space for relaxing, play and refuge. As a result there is an increased interest in i...
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waterlogged garden in need of a drainage solution

What Creative Solutions Are There For Wet Gardens?

Weather patterns are becoming more extreme causing overly wet conditions in our gardens. This can restrict garden use, cause mess or be damaging to lawns and plants. So what can be done...
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Small Spaces For Outdoor Living

Small Spaces For Outdoor Living

Discover our ideas for outdoor living in small spaces. <iframe width="560" height="315" src="" frameborder="0" allow="accelerometer; autopla..."></iframe>
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Garden design and build in Kent

7 Things You Need To Know Before Choosing Someone to Design and Build Your Garden

Can I get a free garden design? For a designer to visit you, take a brief, survey your garden and put together a design requires a significant amount of time. Th...
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