Ponds and Water Features

Water can be used to dramatic effect

A classic informal garden pond

A formal installation with multiple connected ponds

Moving water adds life to a garden

A slate basin overspills

Winter reflections in a natural style pond

A classic trough fountain

A raised pond is integrated into the garden structure

Rill and pond in symmetry

Counterpoint - water plays lightly across heavy granite

Naturalistic style ragstone rock cascade

Large garden pond

A contemporary feature clad in porcelain

An elegant copper feature

Water is suggested by this dry stone stream bed

An overspilling urn can bring water to a small space

Water will add another dimension to your garden. Whether you would like to be calm, relaxed or excited by your garden environment we can use water to evoke the mood you desire.

Creating ponds and water features is a science combined with an art and we have developed great expertise with this unique medium over the many years we have been working with water. So you can enjoy your garden pond or water feature to the full we can install filtration for clear water and add lighting for a range of subtle or dramatic effect

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