A quality composite deck offers low maintenance, durability and style

A beautiful deck shines through the rain

We create decks alongside, in and across water

With a deck you can step barefoot into your garden

Deckchair at the ready

Log walling associates perfectly with a circular deck

A terraced garden with deck and complimentary timber retaining walls

A boardwalk offers a delightful elevated walkway through a wet garden

An unusual installation shows the versatility of decking

Decking provides a natural looking garden surface

A deck will provide a wonderful soft and natural looking surface. Set alongside a pond your deck will give you the perfect spot to relax and enjoy the sound of water. If built as an extension from your house the warmth of a deck surface means you can step barefoot into your garden from your back door. It will also look great if your garden slopes and by adding complimentary timber retaining walls we can create a stunning terrace.

We will build your timber deck using our own design of deck board screwed to robust supports. This quality and strength ensures you can enjoy the soft look and natural character of your deck for many years. The timber will be preservative treated softwood or sustainably sourced hardwood certified by the fsc (Forest Stewardship Council).

We also build composite and resin-mineral decks. These too are very durable and available in a range of colours, wood effect and other textured finishes and can be great for creating a contemporary look. Durability is at least as good as treated softwood. Premium brands can match hardwood installations for longevity with guarantees of up to 25 years.

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