Stabilised Gravel and Grass

Stabilised gravel is natural looking, firm and stable

The gravel is contained within robust interlocking trays

Stabilised gravel is suitable for private gardens or commercial situations

A stabilised grass system gives the same benefits and is greener still in every sense

A properly designed and installed stabilised grass system is tough enough for daily use

Stabilised gravel can be installed as a natural looking alternative to a SUDS paving system

A conventional driveway in need of replacement

The stabilised trays are installed complete with growing media and grass seed

The established grass on the regularly used driveway

A front garden before installation of the stabilised grass system

The same front garden with established stabilised grass surface

A natural eco friendly alternative to concrete, tarmac or block paving

Haywood Landscapes Ltd are specialists in the installation of stabilised gravel surfaces which have the charm and appearance of traditional loose gravel but without the mess, instability, rutting and high maintenance. This permeable paving system is absolutely firm and stable and can be walked on, cycled on and is suitable for wheelchairs, boats, cars and commercial vehicles.

The gravel is contained within robust interlocking trays bedded onto a firm foundation. The ground reinforcement system can be designed for garden paths, hard stands, drives and even commercial situations subject to heavy trafficking and commercial vehicles.

We are also installers of stabilised grass systems which provide the same benefit for lawns. These are great for overflow parking and even permanent stabilised grass driveways.

Using stabilised grass or stabilised gravel in the front garden reduces run off of rain water into drains and the system can be designed as a fully compliant SUDS (sustainable urban drainage) solution. Driveways using such a permeable paving system are not subject to planning permission.

Here are some comments from delighted clients:

“My stabilised grass driveway has become an attention-grabber in that people walking past often stop and stare… people who walk across it comment on how solid and attractive it is and I often see people staring at it from their car windows whilst waiting in the ever-present traffic queues outside my house! ...Stabilised grass driveways are a wonderful way of bringing the garden to your driveway. They are the place where driveways and gardens can meet with the added benefit of being somewhere rain can actually fall without puddling or flooding. No ugly block paving or concrete, no crunchy gravel which goes everywhere, ruins your shoes and sounds awful, far kinder to the environment and really rather pretty. “
Sue Holness, Canterbury.

" Haywood Landscapes provided a stabilised gravel and grass car park and drive for Pilgrims Hospice Canterbury in 2009. In early 2014, after considerable recent rainfall, the surface is standing up very well to heavy daily usage. Haywood Landscapes staff are very professional and were a delight to work with."
S J Auty,Chief Executive Pilgrims Hospices, Canterbury, Kent

“We continue to be delighted with the stabilised gravel surface that has now been in place for several years. It has remained totally stable and looks as wonderfully unobtrusive now as it did when first installed. Surrounding foliage and small plants set into random pockets within the driveway area serve to blend this useful parking area into the front garden as a whole; in fact visitors are often surprised that it is a purpose-installed parking area. In addition, almost no gravel is displaced during the parking/pulling off process, which means that the surface is much quieter than a standard gravel driveway, and there has been no need to top up the gravel.
Andrew and the Haywood team were extremely courteous, conscientious and professional throughout the design and installation process. Disruption was kept to a minimum and the site was left tidy at the end of each working day. We have been very happy to both recommend Haywood Landscapes to friends, and employ them on further projects ourselves”.

Nemone and Martin Head, Herne Bay, Kent

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