Our Labyrinths

An educational setting - University of Kent at Canterbury

A Labyrinth is integrated into modern day worship - Chislehurst Methodist Church

Our portable canvas labyrinths can be laid out in a variety of indoor spaces

An installation in a private garden – Kent

Labyrinths are used in palliative care - Princess Alice Hospice, Esher

A labyrinth was a core element in the refurbishment of St Michaels And All Angels Church, Abingdon

Bespoke natural stone setts are used with precision to create this labyrinth design

The 'Chartres Concise' portable labyrinth – An original adaptation of ‘The Chartres labyrinth’

Our National Award-Winning labyrinth garden for Pilgrims Hospices, Canterbury

A mental health care setting - Springfield University Hospital, Tooting, London

The design and construction of labyrinths is an exacting art requiring a deep understanding of the history, meaning and methodology of the form. Haywood Landscapes offer a unique service to clients throughout the UK and beyond and will design and install a labyrinth or maze with a ‘sense of place’ specific to you and your setting. If you require more flexibility we also create portable labyrinths to be used in any indoor space.

In the context of our installations a labyrinth and maze are distinctly different. A maze is a ‘puzzle’ to be solved, entered into in the spirit of challenge and fun. A labyrinth typically has a single path with no choices to be made. The walking experience can be described as a ‘walking meditation’ - calming and restful, and can be deep, profound and even life changing.

Many labyrinth forms have developed over the centuries, some of them are well known and widely used such as The ‘Chartres’ design and classical ‘Cretan’ form. Our experience in landscape design and construction informs our aesthetic appreciation of site, budget and understanding of your brief. This enables us to express these archetypal forms as well as contemporary and original designs differently according to scale, setting and materials used.

Our team includes author and historian Jeff Saward, probably the world's leading expert on the history of the labyrinth. Jeff has made the study of labyrinths his life’s work, personally visiting, cataloguing and even re-discovering many of the worlds’ ancient labyrinths. He has written several authoritative books on labyrinths and mazes and has lectured in many countries on the subject.

We offer this specialist service under the name – The Labyrinth Builders. For more information on the design and installation of labyrinths and mazes please click on this link www.labyrinthbuilders.co.uk.

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