Wildflower Turf

Newly laid Wildflower Turf

The garden just weeks from completion

12 months later in May

A wild flower meadows brings nature to the door

Clean lines are beautifully softened with wild flowers

Wildflower Turf provides a low maintenance solution for a difficult bank

Wildflowers create a haven for wildlife

A small garden is transformed by a wild flower meadow

We are accredited partners of Wildflower Turf Ltd, the leading supplier of wildflower turf and seed products in the UK and are trained and supported in the use of this unique system to create wild flower meadows, green roofs and more.

With Wildflower Turf we can deliver stunning colour and contrast to any landscape. Using only native plants it naturally produces a bio-diverse habitat supporting native birds, mammals, bees, butterflies and other invertebrate species.

It has a wide range of applications including gardens, parks, estates, schools, verges, steep soil banks and urban spaces. The unique properties of Wildflower Turf make it lighter than a soil based turf, delivering an ideal solution for a green roof installation.

Accurate seeding rates, ground preparation and aftercare are crucial to the successful establishment of a traditional sown wildflower meadow. Wildflower Turf has been specifically developed to overcome these difficulties. The unique 'soil-less' growing method allows roots to establish five times quicker than conventional turf, the roots binding together to form a thick mat. This carpet of roots naturally suppresses weed growth, avoiding the need for routine maintenance. An autumn cut is the minimum requirement for upkeep.

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