Planting Schemes

Elegant grasses create a sense of enclosure with a light touch

Exuberance in a cottage garden style

Bold planting scheme in a rural setting

Subdued colours and soft greens are calming

A gravel bed with grasses luminous in the evening sun

Minimalist planting can be dramatic

Foliage and form creates interest without the need for flowers

Full and informal

If the hard landscaping such as paving and paths provide the ‘bones’ of the garden and the lawn and borders the body, the plants are the smart suit or colourful flowing robes (according to your preferred style) that adorn it.

In designing your planting scheme we will utilise years of hands on experience built on formal horticultural training. We will consider the plant combinations, the soil, site, light and shade and tailor all that to your taste, your home and it’s setting. We will also consider your available maintenance resources (your horticultural knowledge, time and any professional garden help you might employ) so that your planted areas will thrive, be manageable and provide you with a beautiful garden for many years. If you prefer to just relax and admire your garden we will set up a plant care program for you and visit at regular intervals to prune and train your plants.

We will invest a lot of time, knowledge and experience to make sure your planting design is right for you and your garden and so will charge a fee for this service, either when we prepare the design or included within the quotation to create the scheme. We will agree the right approach for your garden with you in advance.

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