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The design and construction of labyrinths is an exacting art requiring a deep understanding of the history, meaning and methodology of the form. The Labyrinth builders are able to draw on the talents of a unique team to create both labyrinths and mazes with a ‘sense of place’ unique to each installation. For clients requiring flexibility and a more modest investment we also create portable labyrinths to be used in 'any place'.

Andrew Wiggins our chief designer and project manager has a background in garden design and landscaping. Understanding the land and having worked with many and varied clients over the years has given him a wealth of experience which underpins his intuitive design instincts.

Our installation team is employed directly by us under the direction of Robert Wiggins. With years of experience in the construction of both labyrinths and other landscape projects they are also able to undertake all the associated landscaping that will create the perfect labyrinth setting.

We work closely with author and historian Jeff Saward, probably the world's leading authority on the history of the labyrinth. Jeff has made the study of labyrinths his life’s work, personally visiting, cataloguing and even re-discovering many of the worlds’ ancient labyrinths. He has written several authoritative books on labyrinths and mazes and has lectured in many countries on the subject.

Through the knowledge, skills and breadth of experience of our team we are uniquely qualified to advise, design and build beautiful labyrinths, works of art that may be enjoyed and bring enriching experiences for all who walk the labyrinth path.

A Profound Experience

Walking the labyrinth is often calming and restful and can be deep, profound and even life changing. Feedback from people who have walked the labyrinths created by The Labyrinth Builders are testimony to this. Here are just a few:

“A feeling of energy – a tangible change”

“Beautiful and calming thank you”

“Really relaxing, brought clarity of mind”

“Amazing – outside of time”

“Reaching the centre felt like walking into a waterfall of knowledge, emotion, power”

“What a journey! So wonderful to have some time for me- I didn’t want to leave”

As well as being members of The Association of Professional Landscapers our service is also endorsed by

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