The Labyrinth of Sacred Union

This interpretation of the Medieval labyrinth at Chartres Cathedral is recreated in turf and stone paviors and set in a clearing amongst trees in the grounds of Tofte Manor Spiritual Sanctuary and Retreat near Bedford.

Buried beneath the grass paths, a copper pipe carries water to the centre of the labyrinth before spiralling over a large quartz crystal. It then returns to a tap from which labyrinth walkers may drink the water energised by the sacred patterning of the labyrinth.

The elements are all represented: Air above the labyrinth, earth and water below, fire (symbolised by stainless steel mirrored tetrahedrons on the circumference of the labyrinth) and spirit by the celestial smoky quartz crystal set below the centre.

The ‘Tofte Labyrinth’ was Highly Commended in the 2007 Annual Awards of The Association of Professional Landscapers. The labyrinth and gardens at Tofte Manor are open to the public (see for details)

Labyrinth Facts

DesignJeff Saward and Andrew Wiggins in collaboration with Suzy Castleman (client).
ConstructionThe Labyrinth Builders, October 2004
StyleMedieval, reinterpretation of Chartres Cathedral labyrinth
Diameter14.4m (114% scale to the original)
Distance to the centre281m
PathsTurf 360mm wide
Number of paviors5000
OtherOver 560m of copper water pipe buried beneath the labyrinth